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Speed dating plainfield il

We will apply our proven business model in implementing this acquisition using the measured, step-by-step approach we have employed in our previous transactions to flawlessly integrate these operations." - 9/25/2007 - New EJ&E Book Available - A new book has been released by Arcadia Publishing on July 9th that's titled: "Images of Rail - Elgin, Joliet & Eastern". The assumption was that the unit would receive the usual EJ&E green switcher scheme... USS apparently wants to have all switchers painted in this scheme from now on.

- 5/12/2007 - New Track for Shearson Line - It was discovered that the Shearson Line will apparently be receiving a fairly major upgrade soon... Speculation is that the BP oil refinery on the line will be eventually be producing more traffic, due to a switch to canadian crude oil.

These photos will eventually be put on this site under the credit of each photographer. A new page has been created for people who would like to chat about the EJ&E and/or Chicagoland railfan activities.

PLEASE follow all the instructions on the front page when uploading. Feel free to post heads-up notices for trains, chat with your friends by mobile device while fanning, or setup a regular meet.

There are no shippers served only by CN and EJ&E (2-to-1 shippers) who will lose direct rail competition as a result of the acquisition, nor will there be any other adverse impacts on competition. Mike Janke surprised EJ&E fans when he photographed the J's SW1001 #446 sitting outside WSOR's Horicon paint shop, in this all new yellow and red scheme. It had worked on the EJ&E in the old LT paint scheme for a number of years.

"The Board issued its decision approving, with conditions, the applicants' acquisition of EJ&E today, December 24, 2008, in Canadian National Ry.

I am pleased that the Board agreed, in a bipartisan and unanimous manner, after an unprecedented public involvement process, to grant the relief that this merger will provide to the many Chicago neighborhoods that have been disproportionately burdened for many decades with severe rail traffic-related roadway congestion." In reaching its decision, the Board considered both the transportation-related aspects of the transaction and the potential environmental impacts.

In considering the transportation aspects, the Board found that the transaction will not result in a substantial lessening of competition, the creation of a monopoly, or a restraint of trade in freight surface transportation in any region of the United States.

and Grand Trunk Corp.—Control—EJ&E West Co., STB Finance Docket No. That decision will be published in the Federal Register and is available for viewing and downloading on the Board's Web site at under "E-LIBRARY" on the home page, then under "Decisions & Notices," beneath the date "12/24/08." - 2/25/2008 - Help Save Grasselli Tower - The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum is attempting to save Grasselli interlocking tower and move it to HVRM's museum site in North Judson, Indiana. Located in East Chicago, the tower use to control the interlocking for the IHB, EJ&E and at one time, the B&O Chicago Terminal as well.

To get more information on how the effort is progressing and how you can help, go to: 9/26/2007 - The Rumor to End All Rumors - After suffering decades of buyout rumors, it looks like one rumor has finally found its mark.

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I imagine we'll all have to suffer the "I told you so" posts on the rail forums, from all the self proclaimed experts that said this was coming.

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